The ATLAS Ticket
President: Ethan Burrell
Ethan Burrell is a sophomore majoring in both History, and Government and Politics with ambitions to go into public service after graduation. During his free time, Ethan enjoys talking with his friends and meeting new people. On-campus, Ethan is an RA, a Student Ambassador, and a Jeanette K. Watson Fellow. He is the current Sophomore Senator in SGi and has helped in initiatives, including the restructuring of SGi. He hopes to create a more efficient government by prioritizing the students' needs, whether through advocacy or programming. By empowering the legislative branch to new levels, he believes SGi can truly function as the representative body of the students. He is excited to implement new changes and putting forth a trustworthy SGi for years to come. Ethan Burrell is running to be your next President! 
Vice President: Christianna Ukponmwan
Christianna N. Ukponmwan is a junior Sociology major and Communication Arts minor with aspirations of working in entertainment law. Originally hailing from the Midwood area of Brooklyn, a cultural melting pot, has molded her into a globally minded citizen, allowing her to relate to varying identities. Christianna is currently the inaugural Chief of Staff for SGi after being promoted from the inaugural Health and Wellness Chair position. Her passions include mentorship, advocacy, and holistic wellness. Her desire is that students feel like they have a safe haven, and that her experience in SGi will serve as the launching pad for many sustainable initiatives. Christianna is also a Resident Assistant in Donovan Hall and a RISE mentor. She believes that nothing is accidental, but that everything is the result of concerted efforts that strive towards a goal. She enjoys watching time era dramas for fun. 
Secretary: Diamond Wilson
Diamond Wilson is currently a junior, studying Government & Politics in The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. She is currently a St. John’s College Junior Representative, Second Year Resident Assistant in DaSilva Hall, and a rising RISE mentor. Diamond is a big buckeye fan, born and raised in the state of Ohio and is not afraid to express her love for her Mid-Western roots. Inspired by her humble beginnings, Diamond has made it her life’s goals to guarantee opportunity is well-distributed to all the students of SJU. Her goals, post-graduation, entails getting her master’s degree in Political Science, practicing law, and starting her own nonprofits; for which one startup would focus on the re-acclimation of convicts to find their standing in society. Also starting another focused towards building private schools dedicated to serving youth in lower income communities. Diamond has a heart for helping others and ensuring their voices are heard to act. And she hopes to achieve so with being your next Secretary of SGi!  
Treasurer: Richard Neri
Richard Neri is a sophomore in St. John’s College majoring in both history and government and politics. After graduation he plans to go to law school and practice environmental justice. Currently, Richard is secretary of Resident Student Association, treasurer of Disney Club, Assistant Chair of RedZone, a student ambassador, and a member of the student conduct board. In his excessive free time, Richard enjoys beating his friends in Mario Kart and learning how to play a new song. Ever since freshmen year, Richard got involved around campus, and by doing so he has connected with all students and seeks to foster a better SJU experience. In order to foster this community, Richard seeks to maintain transparency within student government and act as an amplifier for student’s voices. Richard will take action to ensure no issue goes unheard. Richard Neri is running to be everyone’s Treasurer! 
Independent Candidates
Laiba Amin is a sophomore at CCPS. She was born in Pakistan and came to the U.S. at the age of 7. She’s very excited to apply for the Junior Senator position in Student Government. SGi is a great platform to utilize skills and assist with responsibilities assigned. As a Bachelor of Science in Legal Studies candidate at St. John’s University, she will bring strong leadership and teamwork experience to SGI’s team to provide value to the program. One of Laiba’s three main goals as a senator will be to suggest, develop and implement solutions related to creating a more vibrant campus life. Secondly, she will aim to collaborate with students to coordinate events enhancing the student campus experience. Finally, becoming a Junior Senator will allow her to become the go-to person for students in her class year. Laiba is prepared to make an immediate and lasting contribution to SGI as the Junior Senator!
Junior Senator: Laiba Amin
Sophomore Senator: Chelsea Dawn Witten
Chelsea Dawn Witten is a current First-Year student of Collins College of Professional Studies. You may know her as a CCPS College Representative, Councilwoman for St. John's University's Equity and Inclusion Council, or Community Service Chair for the Rotaract Club of SJU. As a current College Representative, she has identified the systemic obstacles blocking students' wants and needs from becoming a reality. It is her goal to create simple, yet effective, lines of communication between the student body and SGi. By working together, she believes that the general body and administration can form an honest relationship where accountability is not merely an idea. She will work to make it the norm by leading with full transparency. Chelsea holds no fear when it comes to fighting for you, and hopes you will choose her as Sophomore Senator to lead the crusade for a better St. John's University. 

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