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Aunt Flow

As such we have partnered with Aunt Flow, an organization dedicated to the advocacy and accessibility of free, quality menstruating products for everyone. According to UNICEF an estimated 1.8 billion girls, women, and gender non-binary persons menstruate, yet millions of menstruators across the world cannot manage their monthly cycle in a dignified, healthy way. We at SGi want to ensure the comfort of all students and have stationed several menstruating product dispensers in restrooms across campus including DAC 1st floor (food court) women’s restroom, Marillac Hall (before the food court) women's restroom, St. John’s Hall 2nd floor women’s restroom, St. Augustine 3rd floor (library) and Sun Yat Sen Hall bathroom. Period poverty is an issue so many go through every day and with the implementation of these dispensers we hope to facilitate a safe and welcoming environment for all students.

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