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We are proud to announce that SGi will be providing free Grammarly Premium accounts to all undergraduate St. John’s students. Grammarly Premium provides you with a multitude of features to enhance your language and writing. Grammarly Premium checks for grammatical errors, provides vocabulary enhancement and citation suggestions and detects plagiarism before submitting your essays. Grammarly Premium also suggests sentence rewrites to increase clarity and tone adjustments to fit with the topic of what you are writing.

To create an account, you must accept the link invite that Grammarly will forward to your St. John’s email address; after clicking that link, you will be prompted to create an account and begin to use Grammarly Premium for free! While free accounts are only provided to undergraduate students, graduate students will be offered a discounted rate off a Grammarly Premium account if they sign up through the SGi and Grammarly link.

We hope Grammarly will become a valuable addition to your academic lifestyle and make writing your papers that much easier and enjoyable!

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