MEET YOUR 2020-2021
Patrick Kohn

Patrick is a fifth-year pharmacy student from New Jersey and is the current SGi President. His past experience includes serving as the SGi Organizations Committee Chair (2019-2020), where he led a team to redesign organization classifications and the Power 2 Organize process so that twice the number of organizations could be accepted compared to the previous year. He’s also served as Treasurer of Student Society of Health System Pharmacy (2019-2020), Student Representative for the university’s Strategic Priorities Review Team (2017-2020), Orientation Leader (2017-2018), Treasurer of Deaf Language and Culture Society (2017-2018), and Treasurer of Catholic Student Community (2017-2018). Patrick’s initiatives for this year include restructuring the roles of SGi Representatives to better support individual student advocacy, collaborating with the Inclusivity Resource Center through combined programming to promote equity and inclusion on campus, and working with campus entities including S.O.A.R., SJUOK, the C.C.C., and Public Safety to improve the campus climate and student experience at St. John’s.

Julia Betancourt

Julia Betancourt is a junior, Journalism major in the Collins College of Professional Studies. Born in Queens before her parents moved eastward to Holbrook, Julia experienced a significant drop in diversity and inclusivity within her new home community, inspiring her to move back to Queens for college in search of what she lost. She arrived at St. John’s and joined Food For Thought and the SGi Equity Committee, groups that allowed her to practice her strong values of self-expression and social justice. Last year, she was the Food For Thought Treasurer, the Equity Committee Chair and a Resident Assistant. Coming from a district that never heard the voices of minorities, Julia believes it is the responsibility of Student Government to give all students the same opportunities to express their voices and have them hold weight in the decisions made to better our community.

Natasha Yangthito-Villa

Natasha Yangthito-Villa is a junior in the St. John's College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, majoring in Government and Politics in the 5 year BA/MA program, as well as holding a minor in Asian Studies. She is originally for the Bay Area, but her family now resides in Huntington Beach, California. Natasha served as the Sophomore Senator for the 2019-2020 SGi Executive Board. She has been involved in the United Nations club and Ignite, as well as being an active Student Ambassador. Natasha is also the current president of Ignite. She has served on multiple panels and university boards with faculty, administration, and students. Natasha has the intended goal of one day being a member of the United Nations to improve international diplomacy and universal education. She will foster a safe and inclusive community within Student Government, Inc., for the St. John's student body. Natasha is now the Secretary for the 2020-2021 SGi Executive Board.

Amy Ackel

Amy Ackel is a junior Actuarial Science major in the Tobin College of Business. Amy was born and raised in Kenya and her family currently resides in Bethesda, Maryland. She has previously held the position of the Assistant Chair of Equity Committee, an active Student Ambassador and a Resident Assistant in Hollis Hall. Amy is passionate about equity and inclusion on campus. She has committed herself to making sure student voices are heard, and hopes to keep doing so as your SGi Treasurer.

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Catie Cassidy
Senior Senator

Caitlin Cassidy is a senior majoring in Childhood Education and is also in the 5-year Master's Program to study Special Needs Education. She found her passion for education while teaching in a summer school where she was able to see the many challenges students face and the valuable role of a teacher to instill confidence, assurance, and determination into their students. In college she was presented with the opportunity to become an SGI representative for the School of Education. SOE is a small college but she knew this was an opportunity to not only make their voices heard but bring new opportunities to them. She is now the newly elected Senior Senator and looks forward to bringing more opportunities for students to grow socially, academically, and to help them prepare for their future careers that are right around the corner.
Chris Bernabe
 Junior Senator

Chris Bernabe is a Junior Business Management Major in The Peter J. Tobin College of Business from North Woodmere, Long Island. Chris has always been really involved on campus from Day 1 of his first year, from participating in the Campus Ministry Plunge Program to being the Service Committee Chair for Philippine Americans Reaching Everyone (PARE). He is also the Director of Communications for Pi Lambda Phi and an E.P.I.C. Mentor. He is always doing something, but is always willing to talk and see how your day is going! As someone really involved, Chris will never hesitate to help people out and try his best to solve any problems with the Junior Senator Position.

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Ethan Burrell
 Sophomore Senator

Ethan Burrell is a sophomore, Government and Politics major in St. John's College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. He is from Long Island, New York, where he has spent time between Suffolk and Nassau counties. Ethan enjoys his time hanging out with friends and being doing a multitude of different activities. He is a member of the Voices of Victory Gospel Choir and took the stage in the production of THE WIZ. Ethan is a Student Ambassador and aims to show the prospective first-year students the diverse and opportunity-filled tradition at St. John's. He hopes to cultivate this culture by creating a transparent and communicative community within SGi. He wants to make sure the students are being represented, and their voice is being heard! He has ambitions to go to law school and run for Congress after he graduates. Ethan ultimately hopes to serve his community and help marginalized groups around the world.

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Photographers: Tasnova Ahmed & Carolina Guerreiro