The focuses of this campaign are to: Raise awareness about the injustices the Black community is facing now and has been facing forever; Educate the student body (especially those who have the potential and responsibility to be allies) about what exactly they can do to be an ally and what we can do to fight injustice through legislation; Compile donations for numerous BLM Funds ; and
Celebrate our Black community
We encourage all members of the St. John's community and beyond to participate.

Our campaign started on June 7, 2020, one month prior to Blackout Day, a movement that encourages its supporters to use their economic power to fight racial injustice. This year, it will take place on July 7, 2020, and supporters are encouraged to only spend money on Black-owned businesses. 


If you’d like to read more about Blackout Day, here are some sources: What is Blackout Day? and Blackout Day 2020


Our campaign will end on Blackout Day (July 7), however this does not mean to stop donating, spreading resources and educating ourselves and others. It does not mean to stop calling for change


This campaign will take place over social media (@sjusgi on Instagram), but we will make use of the SGi website and virtual communication services as well. Because this campaign is one month long, we have decided to focus on a different element each week. Throughout this month, we would like to give our platform to our Black students, where they can make their voices heard, but also their achievements, their confidence, their resilience, their perseverance, their stories, their power, their lives. Listed below are the weeks and their themes: 

Week 1: June 7 - June 13. Creating virtual safe space(s) for our Black community. 

Week 2: June 14 - June 20: Celebrating our Black students, their achievements and Black culture. 

Week 3:  June 21 - June 27: What must change? at St. John’s and beyond? 

Week 4: June 28 - July 7: Know your rights. Mobilizing and empowering our students to demand change. How to push for legislation. How to be safe while protesting. Proven solutions