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Who are we?

Student Government, Inc. (SGI) is the official representative of the undergraduate student body on the Queen's campus of St. John’s University and the parent organization of all undergraduate Student Organizations on campus.


SGI membership consists of an Executive Board, elected Senators, and appointed Committee Chairs. The Executive Board, which is elected by the entire student body, is made up of a President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Chief of Staff, Press Secretary, Senior Programming Coordinator, and Speaker of the Senate. There are currently 40 elected Senators – two full-time undergraduate students from each class within each college. Senators are responsible for communicating the concerns and needs of students from the class that they represent. Lastly, the committees of SGI provide the students of St. John’s University with programs and services. There are 15 standing Committees in SGI, all with a chair(s) and assistant chairs.