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  • How do I join SGI?
    Click here to complete the Join SGI Form! Getting involved in SGI is easy. One way is by running in our Elections. During the fall semester, First-Year students may run for our representative positions to represent their respective school. During the spring semester, Elections are held for the following year's representatives and Executive Board. Students may also join our committees. Applications for Chair (Or Co-Chair) and assistant chair are released following our spring elections. You may also join as a general body member.
  • How often does SGI meet and may I attend those meetings?
    SGI holds general body meetings every other Monday at 5:00 PM. All students are welcome to attend. Meeting dates may be found by clicking here.
  • Who is allowed to vote in SGI general body meetings?
    Elected members of SGI, excluding the President, are allowed to vote during a meeting.
  • Where is the SGI office located?
    The SGI Office is located in DAC 215. All students are welcome to visit at any time!
  • Who advises the SGI Executive Board?
    Jack Flynn, Director of Student Conduct and Associate Dean of Students, advises the Executive Board.
  • I have a question but I do not know who I should contact in SGI. Who should I email?
    We can be reached via our Online Contact Form, or via email at with any questions or concerns you may have.
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